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Perawatan Pasien dengan Diabetes Melitus (Care of People with Diabetes, A Manual Nursing Practice)

Judul Buku : Perawatan Pasien dengan Diabetes Melitus (Care of People with Diabetes, A Manual Nursing Practice)

Penulis : Trisha Dunning, RN, MED, PhD, CDE, FRCNA

Penerbit : Balckwell Publishing Ltd, 2003

Isi Buku : Download dibawah ini

  1. Diagnosis and Classification of Diabetes, Diagnosis dan Klasifikasi Diabetes : What is diabetes mellitus, Classification of diabetes, Type land Type 2 diabetes, Diagnosis of diabetes, Oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT), Example Instruction Sheet 1: Preparation for an oral glucose tolerance test, Screening for diabetes, Management of diabetes mellitus, Diabetes Education, Complications of diabetes, Cost of diabetes, Aim and objectives of nursing care of people with diabetes. Download
  2. Assessment and Nursing Diagnosis, Pengkajian dan Diagnosa Keperawatan : Characteristics of the nursing history, Nursing history, Example of an assessment chart. Download
  3. Documenting and Charting Patient Care, Dokumentasi dan Grafik Perawatan Pasien : Documenting in the medical record, Nursing responsibilities, Documentation by people with diabetes. Download
  4. Monitoring Diabetes Mellitus, Monitoring Diabetes Melitus : Introduction, Monitoring 1: blood glucose, The role of blood glucose monitoring in the care of diabetes, Guidelines for the frequency of blood glucose Monitoring, Blood glucose meters, Reasons for inaccurate blood glucose results, Non-invasive/minimally invasive blood glucose testing, Monitoring blood ketones, Blood glucose testing checklist, Monitoring 2: urine glucose/ketones and blood ketones, Limitations of urine glucose testing, Indications for urine glucose tests, Monitoring ketones, Urine tests of kidney function, Micral-test, Monitoring 3: additional assessment, Nursing responsibilities, Blood glucose, Glycosylated haemoglobin (HbAlc), Fructosamines, Serum lipids, C-peptide, Islet cell antibodies, Creatinine clearance and urea, Oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT). Download
  5. Nutritional Aspects of Caring for People with Diabetes, Asfek Nutrisi dari Perawatan Pasien Diabetes : Role of the nurse, Obesity, Method of screening for dietary characteristics and problems, Principles of dietary management for people with diabetes, 'Sugar-free'foods, Non-nutritive sweeteners, Carbohydrate modified foods, Dietetic foods, Alcohol, Exchanges and portions, Glycaemic index, Exercise/activity, Example questions to ask when taking a diet history. Download
  6. Oral Hypoglycaemia and Lipid Lowering Agents, Obat Hipoglikemia Oral dan Penurun Lipid : Sulphonylureas, Biguanides, Glitinides, Thiazolidinediones, Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors, Drug interactions, Combining OHAs, Combining OHAs and insulin, Lipid lowering agents. Download
  7. Insulin Therapy, Terapi Insulin : Basic insulin Action, Objectives of insulin therapy, Types of insulin available, Storage of insulin, Injection site and administration, Mixing short- and long-acting insulin, Common insulin regimes, Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII), Sliding scale and top-up regimes, Intravenous insulin infusions, Uses of insulin infusions, Risks associated with insulin infusions, Factors affecting insulin delivery via infusion, Mistakes associated with insulin infusions, Inhaled insulin, Insulin allergy, Pancreas transplants. Download
  8. Hypoglycaemia, Hipoglikemia : Definition of hypoglycaemia, Recognising hypoglycaemia, Counter-regulatory hormonal response to hypoglycaemia, Objectives of care, Treatment, Nocturnal hypoglycaemia, Chronic hypoglycaemia, Relative hypoglycaemia, Drug interactions, Patients most at risk of hypoglycaemia, Psychological effects of hypoglycaemia, Guidelines for the administration of glucagon, Adverse reactions. Download
  9. Stabilisation of Diabetes. Stabilisasi Diabetes : Stabilisation of diabetes in hospital, Outpatient stabilisation, Example protocol for outpatient stabilisation onto insulin. Download
  10. Hyperglycaemia, Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA), Hyperosmolar Coma and Lactic Acidosis (Hiperglikemia, Diabetik Ketoasidosis, Koma Hiperosmolar dan Asidosis Laktat) : Hyperglycaemia, Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), Hyperosmolar non-ketotic coma (HONK), Prevention, Euglycaemic DKA, Lactic acidosis. Download
  11. Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes, Penyakit Kardiovaskuler dan Diabetes : Objectives of care, Nursing responsibilities, Medical tests/procedures, Rehabilitation, Modification of risk factors associated with the development of cardiac disease, Coaching, Cerebrovascular disease. Download
  12. Management During Surgical Procedures, Manajemen selama Prosedur Pembedahan : Aims of Management, Preoperative nursing care, Major procedures, Postoperative nursing responsibilities, Minor procedures, Emergency procedures, Example Instruction Sheet 2(a): Instructions for diabetic patients on oral hypoglycaemic agents having procedures as outpatients under sedation or general anaesthesia, Example Instruction Sheet 2(b): Instructions for diabetic patients on insulin having procedures as outpatients under sedation or general anaesthesia. Download
  13. Care During Investigative Procedures, Perawatan selama Prosedur Pemeriksaan : General nursing Management, Colonoscopy, Eye procedures, Care of the patient having radiocontrast media injected. Download
  14. Special Situations and Unusual Conditions Related to Diabetes, Situasi khusus dan Kondisi tidak lazim berhubungan dengan Diabetes : Enteral and parenteral nutrition, Key points, Aims of therapy, Routes of administration, Choice of formula, Nursing responsibilities, Diabetes and cancer, Key points, Objectives of care, Nursing responsibilities, Autonomic neuropathy, Key points, Diagnosis and Management, Nursing care, Diabetes and corticosteroid medications, Effect on blood glucose, Predisposing factors, Management, Brittle diabetes, Teeth, gums and diabetes, Causal mechanisms, Haemochromatosis and hepatic iron overload, Haemochromatosis, Iron overload, Diabetic mastopathy. Download
  15. Diabetes and Eye Disease, Diabetes dan Penyakit Mata : Risk factors for retinopathy, Eye problems associated with diabetes, Resources for people with visual impairment, Aids for people with low vision, Nursing care of visually impaired patients. Download
  16. Diabetes and Renal Disease, Diabetes dan Penyakit Ginjal : Risk factors for renal disease, Renal failure, Renal disease and anaemia, Diet and renal disease, Renal disease and the elderly patient, Kidney biopsy, Renal dialysis, Objectives of care, Nursing responsibilities, Commencing CAPD in patients on insulin, Protocol for insulin administration in people with diabetes on CAPD -based on four bag changes each day, Education of patient about CAPD, Renal disease and herbal medicine. Download
  17. Diabetes and Sexual Health, Diabetes dan Kesehatan Seksual : Sexual Health, Sexual Development, Sexual problems, Possible causes of sexual difficulties and dysfunction, Sexuality and the elderly, Women, Men, Investigation and Management, Sexual counselling, The PLISSIT model, Role of the nurse. Download
  18. Diabetes in the Older Person, Diabetes pada Pasien Lansia : Metabolic changes, Aims of treatment, Education approaches, Access and equity to diabetes services, Factors that can affect metabolic control, Infection, Quality of life, Safety, Medications, Nutrition, Hypoglycaemia, Diabetes and falls, Nursing care. Download
  19. Foot Care, Perawatan Kaki : Vascular changes, Infection, Neuropathy, Objectives of care, Nursing responsibilities, Classification of foot ulcers, Wound Management, Rehabilitation. Download
  20. Diabetes in Children and Adolescents, Diabetes pada Anak-anak dan Remaja : Diabetes in children and adolescents, Strategies toExample Instruction Sheet 3: How to draw up insulin - one bottle only enhance compliance in adolscence, Ketoacidosis in Children. Download
  21. Diabetes in Pregnancy and Gestational Diabetes, Diabetes pada Kehamilan dan Diabetes Gestasioanal. Download
  22. Psychological and Quality of Life Issues Related to Having Diabetes, Isu Psikologis dan Kualitas Kehidupan berhubungan dengan Diabetes : Depression, Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, Compliance/non-compliance, Quality of life. Download
  23. Diabetes Education, Pendidikan Diabetes : Sample diabetes education record chart, Empowerment, Special issues, The role of the bedside nurse in diabetes Education, Insulin administration, Guidelines for instructing patients about insulin delivery systems, Example Instruction Sheet 3: How to draw up insulin - one bottle only, Example Instruction Sheet 4: How to draw up insulin - two bottles, Example Instruction Sheet 5: How to give an insulin injection, Example Instruction Sheet 6a: Managing your diabetes when you are ill: patients with Type 1 diabetes, Example Instruction Sheet 6b: Managing your diabetes when you are ill: patients with Type 2 diabetes. Download
  24. Discharge Planning, Perencanaan Pemulangan : On day of discharge. Download
  25. District Nursing and Home-based Care, Perawatan Distrik dan Perawatan di Rumah : Diabetic problems nurses commonly encounter in the home, Nursing Action, Interpreting the blood glucose level, Hypoglycaemia, Hyperglycaemia, The patient with chest pain, The patient who has not taken their insulin or diabetes tablets and it is 11 am or later, Managing diabetic foot ulcers at home, The patient who does not follow the management plan, Disposal of sharps in the home situation, Storage of insulin, Guidelines for premixing and storing insulin doses for home and district nursing services. Download
  26. Complementary Therapies and Diabetes, Terapi Komplementer dan Diabetes : Complementary therapy philosophy, Integrating complementary and conventional care, Can complementary therapies benefit people with diabetes?, How can complementary therapies be used safely?, Nursing responsibilities. Download
  27. Nursing Care in the Emergency and Outpatient Departments, Asuhan Keperawatan pada Unit Gawat Darurat dan Rawat Jalan : Nursing Care in the Emergency and Outpatient Departments, The outpatient department. Download

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Pemasangan Kateter Idwelling (Indwelling Catheter)

Download Video

Mengganti Balutan Tracheotomi (Tracheostomy dressing)

Download Video

Memberikan makan Melalui NGT (FeedingTube)

Tekhnik Aseptik (AsepticTechnique)

Prosedur Injeksi Intramuskular ( IM Injections )

Prosedur Pemasangan Kateter Laki-laki (Male Catheter Insertion)

Pemasangan Selang NGT (Tube placement)

Pemeriksaan Fisik Pengukuran Tekanan Darah (Physical Assessment Taking Blood Pressure)

Tekhnik Sederhana Memasang Sarung Tangan Steril (Simple sterile gloving technique)

Prosedur Injeksi Subkutan (Subcutaneous Injection)

Prosedur Ganti Balutan Lembab Lembab (Sterile Wet to Damp Normal Saline Dressing Change)

Prosedur Pengkajian Head to Toe (Head to Toe Assessment)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Clinical Psychomotor Skills, Keterampilan Psikomotor Klinis

Pages from Part1_Clinical Psicomotor Skills

Judul Buku : Clinical Psychomotor Skills, Keterampilan Psikomotor Klinis
Penulis : Joanne Tollefson
Penerbit : 2004, Thomson Social Science Press
Isi Buku : Download Link dibawah ini

  1. Ambulating the Patient, Ambulasi Pasien. Download
  2. Aseptic Technique, Teknik Aseptik. Download
  3. Blood Glucose Measurement, Pengukuran Glukosa Darah. Download
  4. Measuring Blood Pressure, Pengukuran Tekanan Darah. Download
  5. Administration of a Blood Transfusion, Pemberian Transfusi Darah. Download
  6. Cardiovascular Assessment, Pengkajian Kardiovaskuler. Download
  7. Cardiovascular Assessment - 12 Lead ECG, Pemeriksaan EKG 12 Lead, Download
  8. Urinary Catheterisation, Kateterisasi Urin. Download
  9. Managing a Patient with a Central Venous Line, Pengelolaan Pasien dengan Kateter Vena Sentral (CVP). Download
  10. Managing a Patient with Chest Drains/Underwater Seal Drainage, Pengelolaan Pasien dengan Drain Dada/WSD. Download
  11. Management of Complex Wounds - Drain Removal, Pengelolaan Luka Kompleks. Download
  12. Complex Wounds - Wound Irrigation, Irigasi Luka - Luka Komplek. Download
  13. Packing a Wound, Menutup Luka. Download
  14. Dry Dressing Technique, Tekhnik Balutan Kering. Download
  15. Care of the Patient Pre Peri and Post ECT, Perawatan Pasien Pre Peri dan Post ECT. Download
  16. Assisting with Elimination, Membantu Eliminasi. Download
  17. Suctioning of Endotracheal Tube or Tracheostomy, Penghisapan dari ETT atau Tracheostomi. Download
  18. Administering Eye Drops or Ointment, Pemberian Obat Salep dan Tetet Mata. Download
  19. Gowning and Gloving, Memakai Gaun dan Sarung Tangan. Download
  20. Handwashing, Mencuci Tangan, Download
  21. Establishing Intravenous Therapy, Melakukan Terapi Intravena, Download
  22. Administering Intravenous Medications (bolus), Pemberian Obat Intravena (bolus). Download
  23. Administering Intravenous Medications (burette), Pemberian obat Intravena (burrette). Download
  24. Administering Intravenous Medications (IV Container), Pemberian Obat Intravena (botol infus). Download
  25. Medication Administration - Oral Medications, Pemberian obat - obat Oral, Download
  26. Medication Administration - Parenteral Medication, Pemberian obat -obat Parenteral. Download
  27. Managing Patient Cotrolled Analgesia or other Syringe Driven Medication, Pengelolaan Pasien yang diberikan Analgetik atau obat syringe pump lain. Download
  28. Mental Status Assessment, Pemeriksaan Status Mental. Download
  29. Nasogastric Tube Insertion, Memasang NGT. Download
  30. Daily Care of the Neonate, Perawatan sehari-hari Neonatus. Download
  31. Neurological Observation, Observasi Neurologi. Download
  32. Neurovascular Observation, Observasi Neurovaskuler. Download
  33. Providing Oxygen Therapy via Nasal Cannula or Various Masks, Pemberian terapi Oksigen via Nasal Kanul atau Masker. Download
  34. Pain Assessment, Pengkajian Nyeri. Download
  35. Pain Management : Use of Non Pharmacological Intervention for Pain Relief, Pengelolaan Nyeri : Penggunaan Intervensi Non Farmakologi untuk Mengurangi Nyeri. Download
  36. Use of Non Pharmacological Intervention for Pain RElief - Massage, Penggunaan Intervensi Non Farmakologi untuk Mengurangi Nyeri - Masase atau Pijat. Download
  37. Use of Non Pharmacological Interventions for Pain RElief - TENS, Penggunaan Intervensi Non Farmakologi untuk Mengurangi Nyeri - TENS. Download
  38. Personal Higiene - Bed Bath or Dependent Shower, Kebersihan Diri - Mandi di Tempat Tidur atau menggunakan Shower. Download
  39. Personal Higiene - Mouth Care, Shaving, Hair Care, Nail Care. Kebersihan Diri - Perawatan Mulut, Bercukur, Perawatan Rambut, Perawatan Kuku. Download
  40. Physical Assessment, Pemeriksaan Fisik. Download
  41. Assissting with Positioning of Dependent Patient, Membantu Pasien Merubah Posisi, Download
  42. Post Operative Care, Perawatan Post Operasi, Download
  43. Pre Operative Care, Perawatan Pre Operasi. Download
  44. Monitoring with Pulse Oximetry, Monitoring Pulse Oximetri. Download
  45. Active and Passive of Motion Exercise, Latihan Pergerakan Aktif dan Pasif. Download
  46. Recovery Room Care and Handover, Perawatan di Ruang Pemulihan. Download
  47. Respiratory Assessment, Pengkajian Pernafasan. Download
  48. Managing a Patient who Requires Seclusion, Pengelolaan Pasie yang memerlukan Isolasi. Download
  49. Suctioning of Oropharinx/Nasopharyx, Penghisapan Oropharing/Nasopharing. Download
  50. Surgical Scrub. Download
  51. Patient Teaching, Pendidikan Pasien. Download
  52. Measuring Temperature (Oral) Pulse and Respiration, Pengukuran Suhu (Oral) Nadi dan Pernafasan, Download
  53. Tracheostomy Care, Perawatan Tracheostomi. Download
  54. Care of the Unconscious Patient, Perawatan Pasien Tidak Sadar. Download
  55. Venipunctur. Download

Accident and Emergency Nursing, Keperawatan Bencana dan Gawat Darurat


Judul Buku : Accident and Emergency Nursing
Penulis : Stuart Toulson
Penerbit : 2001, Whurr Publishers Ltd
Isi Buku : Download Link dibawah ini

  1. Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS), Bantuan Hidup Trauma Lanjutan. Download
  2. Cardiac Emergencies, Gawat Darurat Jantung. Download
  3. Nursing Care of Patients with Acute Respiratory Conditions, Asuhan Keperawatan Pasien dengan Kondisi Pernafasan Akut. Download
  4. Surgical Conditions, Kondisi Bedah. Download
  5. Gynaecological Conditions, Kondisi Ginekologi. Download
  6. The Unconscious Patient, Pasein Tidak Sadar. Download
  7. Neurological Emergencies, Gawat Darurat Neurologi. Download
  8. Psychological Aspects of Care, Aspek Psikologis Perawatan. Download
  9. Nursing Care of Orthopaedic Conditions, Asuhan Keperawatan pada Kondisi Orthopedi. Download
  10. Burns and Scalds, Luka Bakar. Download
  11. Paediatric Care, Perawatan Anak (Pediatrik). Download
  12. Soft Tissue Injuries, Injuri Jaringan Lunak. Download
  13. Ophthalmic Injuries, Injuri Mata. Download
  14. Ear, Nose and Throat Emergencies, Gawat Darurat Telinga, Hidung, dan Tenggorokan. Download
  15. The Role of the Triage Nurse. Peran Perawat Triase. Download
  16. The Role of the Emergency Nurse Practitioner, Peran Perawat Praktisi Emergensi. Download
  17. Telephone Triage, Triase Telepon. Download
  18. Health Education in Accident and Emergency, Pendidikan Kesehatan di Bencana dan Emergensi. Download
  19. The Role of the Accident and Emergency Nurse in Dealing with Bereavement, Peran Perawat Bencana dan Emergensi dalam Menghadapi Kehilangan/Kematian. Download
  20. Violence in Accident and Emergency, Kekerasan dalam Bencana dan Emergensi. Download
  21. Major Incidents, Insiden Besar. Download

COX'S Clinical Applications of Nursing Diagnosis Fourth Edition, Aplikasi Klinis Diagnosa Keperawatan Edisi ke-4

Judul : Clinical Applications of Nursing Diagnosis Fourth Edition
Penulis : Helen C. Cox, et al.
Penerbit : 2002 by F. A. Davis Company
Isi Buku : Download Link dibawah ini
  1. Introduction, Peendahuluan : The Nursing Process, Nursing Process Steps, Nursing Process and Conceptual Frameworks, Valuing Planning of Care and Care Plans. Download
  2. Health Perception – Health Management Pattern, Pola Persepsi Kesehatan - Pengelolaan Kesehatan : Energy field disturbed, Health maintenance ineffective, Health-seeking behaviors (specify), Infection risk for, Injury risk for, Suffocation risk for, Poisoning, risk for Trauma, risk for Latex allergy response, risk for and actual Management of therapeutic regimen effective, Management of therapeutic regimen (individual, Family, community) ineffective, Management readiness for enhanced therapeutic Regimen, Perioperative-positioning injury, risk for Protection ineffective, Surgical recovery delayed, Sudden infant death syndrome risk for. Download
  3. Nutritional-Metabolic Pattern, Pola Nutrisi - Metabolik : Adult failure to thrive, Aspiration risk for, Body temperature imbalanced, risk for Breastfeeding effective, Breastfeeding ineffective, Breastfeeding, interrupted, Dentition impaired, Fluid balance readiness for enhanced, Fluid volume deficient, risk for and actual Fluid volume excess, Fluid volume imbalanced risk for, Hyperthermia , Hypothermia, Infant feeding pattern ineffective, Nausea, Nutrition readiness for enhanced, Nutrition imbalanced, less than body Requirements, Nutrition imbalanced more than body Requirements risk for and actual, Swallowing impaired, Thermoregulation ineffective, Tissue integrity impaired, Skin integrity impaired risk for and actual, Oral mucous membrane impaired. Download
  4. Elimination Pattern, Pola Eliminasi : Bowel incontinence, Constipation risk for, actual, and perceived, Diarrhea, Readiness for enhanced urinary Elimination, Urinary incontinence Actual, Functional, Reflex, Stress, Total, Urge, Risk for urge, Urinary retention. Download
  5. Activity-Exercise Pattern, Pola Aktifitas - Latihan : Activity intolerance risk for, And actual airway clearance ineffective, Autonomic dysreflexia risk for And actual, bed mobility impaired, breathing pattern ineffective, Cardiac output decreased, disuse syndrome risk for, diversional activity deficient, Dysfunctional ventilator, Weaning response (dvwr) falls risk for, fatigue, gas exchange impaired, growth and development Delayed, disproportionate Growth risk for, delayed Development risk for, Home maintenance impaired, Infant behavior disorganized Risk for and actual, and Readiness for enhanced Organized, Peripheral neurovascular Dysfunctional risk for, Physical mobility impaired, Sedentary lifestyle, Self-care deficit (feeding, Bathing-hygiene, dressinggrooming, Toileting spontaneous ventilation, Impaired tissue perfusion ineffective(specify type: renal, cerebral,Cardiopulmonary, gastrointestinal, Peripheral) transfer ability impaired, walking impaired, Wandering, Wheelchair mobility impaired. Download
  6. Sleep-Rest Pattern, Pola Istirahat - Tidur : Sleep deprivation, Sleep pattern disturbed, Sleep readiness for enhanced. Download
  7. Cognitive-Perceptual Pattern, Pola Kognitif - Persepsi : Adaptive capacity intracranial decreased, Confusion acute and chronic, Decisional conflict (specify), Environmental interpretation syndrome impaired, Knowledge deficient (specify), Knowledge readiness for enhanced, Memory impaired, Pain acute and chronic, Sensory perception disturbed (specify: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, gustatory,tactile, olfactory), Thought process disturbed, unilateral neglect. Download
  8. Self-Perception and Self-Concept Pattern, Pola Persepsi diri - Konsep Diri : Anxiety, Body image disturbed, Death anxiety, Fear, Hopelessness, Loneliness risk for, Personal identity disturbed, Powerlessness risk for and actual, Self-concept readiness for enhanced, Self-esteem: chronic low, situational low, and risk for situational low, Self-mutilation risk for and actual. Download
  9. Role-Relationship Pattern, Pola Peran - Hubungan : Caregiver role strain, risk for and actual communication, impaired verbal and Readiness for enhanced, Family processes interrupted and family processes dysfunctional: alcoholism and readiness for enhanced, Grieving anticipatory, Grieving dysfunctional risk for and actual, Parent, infant, and child attachment impaired, Risk for, Parenting, impaired, risk for and actual, Readiness for enhanced and parental role Conflict , Relocation stress syndrome risk for and Actual, Role performance ineffective, Social interaction impaired , Social isolation, Sorrow, chronic, Violence self-directed and other-directed risk for. Download
  10. Sexuality-Reproductive Pattern, Pola Seksualitas - Reproduksi : Rape-trauma syndrome: compound, Reaction and silent reaction, Sexual dysfunction, Sexuality patterns ineffective. Download
  11. Coping–Stress Tolerance Pattern, Pola Koping - Stress : Adjustment impaired, Community coping ineffective and readiness for enhanced, Family coping compromised and disabled, Family coping readiness for enhanced, Coping ineffective and readiness for enhanced, Coping defensive, Denial ineffective, Post-trauma syndrome risk for and actual, Suicide risk for. Download
  12. Value-Belief Pattern, Pola Nilai - Keyakinan : Religiosity impaired, Religiosity readiness for enhanced, Religiosity risk for impaired, Spiritual distress, Spiritual distress risk for, Spiritual well-being readiness for enhanced. Download